Festival to go ahead. Nesting birds in danger

Despite the lack of transport for festival goers and surprising lack of response when asked for he results of the nesting bird and bat surveys,  the massive May bank holiday music festival is going ahead. 

Well this family may not survive it. The woodpeckers' nest is in a tree in the middle of the festival site and if the chicks don't get fed frequently they will find it had to survive.


New changing rooms and playground: schedule update

New changing rooms and playground: schedule update

The revised plan below shows the playground that will be built on the existing car park and extending into the Common. The new schedule for the other works planned is as below.

    Works to playroom, play area and changing rooms adjacent to the adventure playground in the park are complete and will be open soon.

    The new playground under construction on the old car park extending into the Common  is scheduled to be open in June.


      'MASSIVE' MUSIC FESTIVAL on Park  27-28 May 2018

      'MASSIVE' MUSIC FESTIVAL on Park 27-28 May 2018

      Southwark has agreed to a  ‘massive’ music festival on the area in the Park facing the Harris Boys School (see plan above) . The site area will be surrounded by a solid wall of steel fencing and will be off limits to non-paying public for nine days. It is estimated that 8,000 people will attend the event on the main day, plus the 800 or so performers and staff etc. No numbers have been given for the second day, about which little seems to be fixed. The hours of the event will be from 11am to 10.30pm. Tickets will cost from £15 to £40 depending on when they are bought. The main event on the Sunday is targeted at those aged 21-45. No-one under 18 will be admitted. A lot of the arrangements for both days are vague and TBC. The event, known as 'Gala', has previously been held in Brockwell Park, where it was half the size planned for Peckham Rye Park. On the weekend the event is being held all local stations with the exception of Honor Oak will be closed, which means many people will be coming and/or leaving by road.

      The Friends of Peckham Rye Park were not consulted before Southwark council agreed to rent the site to the event organisers, We Are the Fair,  and were made aware of the event only when the licensing application was advertised. The Friends objected to a licence being granted but it has been. The Friends main concerns are

      *   Peckham Rye Park is one of London's  few registered heritage parks and is unsuitable for an event of this kind

      *     The Park’s heritage assets (Sexby Garden etc) will be highly vulnerable to damage as entrance and exit to the event is through the park. Thousands of   alcohol-fuelled people can, and quite likely will, cause a lot of damage. And in addition to the  estimated 8,800 attendees on the first day, there is likely to be a substantial overspill of people who come but choose not to pay the entrance fee and stay outside the enclosed site.

      *    The event area seems far too small to accommodate three stages, numerous food stalls, around 100 toilets and 9,000 people. The site is also unsuitable because of the trees it includes, which will need protecting, and because it is naturally boggy.  After such heavy use the site could take months to recover. Damage to the heritage assets of the Park outside the site could take years to put right.

      *  The park is a public amenity and to have a significant part of it privatised and closed off for 9 days is not acceptable. 

      *   While occasional small-scale community events on the Park or Common are welcome, this is far too big and not a community event:  no children are allowed on the main day, many of those attending will be from outside the borough and some are coming from as far away as Scotland and Australia. The local community, who have not been consulted, are the ones who will not benefit as they will suffer from the noise and disruption and having their access to and quiet enjoyment of the park significantly reduced for over a week.  

      We will keep you informed of developments.




      Last year's fete - a great success as ever

      Last year's fete - a great success as ever

      The annual fete held on 2nd September was a great success - a sunny afternoon brought together old and young from all around to enjoy the children's fancy dress, the Dog Show, Punch and Judy, sack races, coconut shies, food stalls   offering everything from hog roast and pizza to burgers, the tea tent sellingdelicious homemade cakes,  the ever popular Pimms and beer stand, plus numerous stalls around the ring

      Many thanks to all those who helped organise and run the fete, and to the local businesses who supported it.

      All the profits go towards the maintenance of the Community Wildlife Garden and to fund other projects within the Park and Common.


      The current leaseholder of the café on Peckham Rye applied for planning permission to extend the area of the café. This has been approved, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State for the Environment, who has to approve any development on Common Land. The proposal to add a roof terrace was withdrawn You can view the plans on


      The main elements of the proposal which will impact on the Park and Common are:

      to extend of the area taken up by the café widthways and lengthways into designated Metropolitan Open Land (MOL)/Common land. The whole of Peckham Rye Park and Common is designated MOL, and the Common is designated also as Common Land, which means that there are strict limitations on any building. The extension goes against Southwark Council’s policy of reducing building on MOL/Common Land.

      The original plans for the café on the Common where that it would be single storey and low lying so not to dominate the southern edge of the Common or increase the urbanisation of the area. The addition of roof terrace would have added to the height of the building and created safety issues. A rooftop addition wouldhave had an impact on the view looking south from the open Common.

      The plans include two changing rooms when there are new changing rooms scheduled to be built in the Park. Without these the café could extend and refurbish within the current footprint.

      The plan is to paint the timber cladding dark grey, making its structure more obtrusive when looking South across the Common.

      Peckham Rye Common and Park are one of the few open green spaces in South London and every year plans are put forward to reduce this green space.  The Friends of Peckham Rye Park continue to be vigilant in resisting development on MOL/Common Land. 


      Former Lido Site - update February 2018

      Former Lido Site - update February 2018

      There is still nothing to report on the progress of the feasibility study.

      A consultation meeting was held at the White Horse pub on Monday 23 Jan 2017. The main purpose of the session was to ask people what they wanted on the site and to give them the chance to ask questions of the two people behind the lido project and the architects they have involved.  A number of people expressed concern about the suitability of the site for what has been outlined in the online consultation process (see below). 

      The scope of the feasibility study has not yet been circulated and work on carrying out the study appears to be at a very early stage.

      There is an online consultation process under way about which the  The Friends of Peckham Rye Park has a number of concerns, not least that it does not mention the fact that it would require building on protected Metropolitan Open Land. To take part in the online consultation go to:


      The Friends of Peckham Rye Park are also keen that any future consultation meeting should  reach out to the public at large and not just be advertised using social media, and that it should not be limited only to ticket holders.

      In late April we were informed that little progress has been made on the feasibility study. We will keep you informed