The current leaseholder of the café on Peckham Rye applied for planning permission to extend the area of the café. This has been approved, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State for the Environment, who has to approve any development on Common Land. The proposal to add a roof terrace was withdrawn You can view the plans on

The main elements of the proposal which will impact on the Park and Common are:

to extend of the area taken up by the café widthways and lengthways into designated Metropolitan Open Land (MOL)/Common land. The whole of Peckham Rye Park and Common is designated MOL, and the Common is designated also as Common Land, which means that there are strict limitations on any building. The extension goes against Southwark Council’s policy of reducing building on MOL/Common Land.

The original plans for the café on the Common where that it would be single storey and low lying so not to dominate the southern edge of the Common or increase the urbanisation of the area. The addition of roof terrace would have added to the height of the building and created safety issues. A rooftop addition wouldhave had an impact on the view looking south from the open Common.

The plans include two changing rooms when there are new changing rooms scheduled to be built in the Park. Without these the café could extend and refurbish within the current footprint.

The plan is to paint the timber cladding dark grey, making its structure more obtrusive when looking South across the Common.

Peckham Rye Common and Park are one of the few open green spaces in South London and every year plans are put forward to reduce this green space.  The Friends of Peckham Rye Park continue to be vigilant in resisting development on MOL/Common Land.