A premises licence has been granted by Southwark for the Gala Festival to take place again on Peckham Rye Park on the May Bank Holiday weekend - 25-27 May. It is to be a two-day event but, as per last year, the site will be fenced off for around nine days. This year, the area fenced off will be substantially larger (see map) and will include an additional stage closer to Colyton Road; and the licence is for 10,000 people compared with 8,000 last year.

It appears that Southwark Events has agreed for the event to take place annually and the premises licence has been granted on the condition that there will only be ‘one event per calendar year, taking place for a maximum of two days for three years ending 31 December 2021’.

At a recent consultation meeting, concerns were raised about heavy vehicle access to the site, which will be past the children’s playground and the cafe, neither of which were in operation at the time the event was held last year.

After the event last year, a section of the site had to be fenced off and was unavailable for public use for around 8 months to allow the ground to recover.